Healing With Colloidal Silver


Healing With Colloidal Silver


Please investigate all the natural healing and alternative methods, especially including healing foods. Self-healing is possible in fact it is very likely if you apply the different methods that we suggest here. Healing is a multifaceted process. It can be overwhelming when you began. Try one thing at a time and work it. Don't try to do too much at once.

If you're looking for something that will kill most viruses and many bacteria look no further than colloidal silver. The Journal of nanotechnology just published a study that showed nanoparticles of silver will kill HIV-1 virus. The study was conducted by the University of Texas and in Mexico University.

After incubating HIV-1 virus nanoparticles of silver were introduced and the virus died within three hours. The scientists there summarized that the silver bonded through the glycoprotein knobs on the virus with spacing of about 22 nm in length.

Silver has been used for centuries. It speeds wound healing and has been used as a disinfectant. It has also been used to purify water and preserve beverages. Historically silver vessels have been used to prevent spoilage. Silver foil and plates have been used in the surgical treatment of wounds.

There are many references to the use of silver in medical treatments before 1940. Sulfa drugs replaced the use of silver and then the onslaught of antibiotics in the latter half of the 20th century replaced silver almost completely. Now that we are having problems with the overuse of antibiotics it may well be the perfect time to look at silver again.

Silver is unique in its broad spectrum applicability. It has been claimed to kill over 650 microbial agents. It has been shown to kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, and even some protozoa. It seems to be an equal opportunity "killer".

Silver has been successfully used in:

• Ear infections

• Thrush/Candida (consult a physician before use)

• Common Colds

• Staph infections

• E. Coli infections

• Intestinal infections

• Sinus infections

• Leukemia


• lymes disease

• Viral infections

• Herpes

• Gingivitis

• Food poisoning

Start with a low dose (1 teaspoon per day) for three days. Increase the dose by 1 teaspoon a day until the infection is clear. This approach will prevent a severe Herxheimer reaction. You can also put drops of colloidal silver into the ear when you having ear infection. It can be swabbed or rubbed on to minor burns, cuts, and abrasions. It can be dropped into the eye when you have conjunctivitis, or to soothe inflamed and itchy eyes. Silver can be rubbed in two inflamed gums for dental infections.

Silver can be used on pets and farm animals. Adjust the dosage according to weight.

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