Healing Basics

Healing Basics

Healing Basics:

1. Educate yourself

2. Eat fruits and vegetables--Green foods like wheat and barley grasses can be bought in powder form, and can offer larger levels of nutrients than green, leafy vegetables alone. Acai fruit is a powerhouse of an antioxidant which should also be considered.

3. Juice your vegetables

4. Exercise

5. Get plenty of Fiber

6. Eliminate processed foods

7. Eliminate animal products

8. Drink water

9. Get plenty of rest

10. Mind control and improvement

We have all experienced the discomfort of aches and pains or an occasional bout with the flu. Some of us are coping with major illnesses or the declining health that comes with growing old. What you do not know is that most of this is not necessary. Most of these concerns are caused by nutrient deficiency and toxins. Most of what we eat today has very little nutrition and is filled with chemicals that cause toxicity in the body. The first step in healing is educating yourself. It really is true. You are what you eat.

The second step to gaining your ultimate health is to start filling your body with living food. The more fruit and vegetables you eat the better. It is always preferable to eat organic food. Vegetables and fruits are filled with vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes. The department of agriculture suggests five servings a day. Eat as much as you want. You cannot eat too many fruits and vegetables.

Drink your veggies! The quickest way to get nutrients to the cellular level of your body is to juice them. Never drink canned or bottled juice.There are excellent products which provide you with the nutrients you need when you do not have time to juice your vegetables. Carrot juice powder is one of them. The green juice powders we recommend are almost impossible to get from a simple wheatgrass juice. Acai fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants that can only be found in the Amazon forest. It is almost unmatched anywhere for its healing properties.

Start moving! There is no way can be totally healthy without getting daily exercise. It doesn't have to be elaborate or strenuous. Daily walking is a great place to start. Exercise not only makes your outside look better, it affects every system in the body. Exercise also moves toxins out of your body.

In the beginning it is best to add fiber to your diet. Fiber can only be found in plant products. For the first few months we recommend taking something such Fiber Cleanse. It will sweep your colon clean.

All foods that are processed have to be eliminated. Your body was designed to eat pure, natural foods. If you are ill, or seeking to be in excellent health, why put things into your body that will stress it? Refined flours and sugars have no nutritional value. Hydrogenated fat and oil are only added to food to improve texture. It does nothing to nourish the body. Eat only things that provide SUPERIOR nourishment to the body.

Get rid of animal products! They only fill you up and take up space that could be occupied by plant foods. The world’s healthiest populations eat little or no meat.

Drink pure water. No soda. No alcohol. Only pure water.

Your body needs rest. Get plenty of uninterrupted sleep. Start out with eight hours. You may find as you get healthier you will need less sleep. Let your body guide you.

Lastly, this may be the most important step; we will touch on ways to re-program your mind so that it will be a mighty tool to facilitate health and fitness, instead of a hindrance towards it.
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