Healing Hands


Healing Hands

The concept of “healing hands" has been a round for centuries. Many believe that healing hands would fall into the category of spiritual healing. Healing hands are also known as chakra healing, touch therapy, and laying on of hands. In modern America it has been controversial but is now being used in major hospitals throughout this country. Healing hands usually refers to the ability of the healer to improve the health another person by moving healing energy through the healer's hands to the patient. Many healers believe that they just act as a catalyst for the patient's own natural healing. Many people use a healer, or practitioner for this laying on of hands and others believe that anyone can learn to heal.

The believe is that all matter is made up of energy. Some people naturally sense energy patterns in other beings. Most healers agree that energy comes from outside the body and is directed by the mind toward the area which needs healing. Some healing method require years of training. Some methods require religious devotion and are prayer based. There are also methods that can be taught.

Try this simple method:

1. Begin by meditating. Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply and rhythmically for a few minutes. Begin to notice a warming sensation in your hands. Draw energy into your hand until they feel warmer and warmer. Feel your hands start to vibrate at about 10 cycles per second.

2. Place your hands over the affected area that needs healing. Do not touch the patient. Keep your hands and inch or two above the patient. Slowly move your hands. You will notice hot and cold spots. Just feel the imbalanced energy.

3. Go to the spot where the greatest temperature difference is and hold your palm's an inch or two over the patient. Focus your mind on changing the temperature. Tell the body to begin healing itself. Picture the patient has been fully recovered. Picture the illness being totally gone and the patient fully recovered. When healing begins to work you will begin to feel strong physical sensation. This may not happen the first time. The more you practice the better you will get.

4. Thank the universe for helping heal the patient.

Here is another healing method you can try. It works especially well for headaches.

1. Close your eyes. Relax and believe that healing will occur. Picture the area which you will be working on.

2. Place your hand over the patient's head. Spread your fingers. Vibrate your hands at approximately 10 cycles per second. Hold your breath. Picture in your mind the area you which to heal. Feel the heat in your hands normalizing the area.

3. When you need to breathe stop. Rub your hands together. Take another breath.

4. Place your hands on either side of the patient's head and repeat the vibration. Again picture the healing taking place. Feel the pain leaving.

5. Repeat this is as many times as you feel necessary.

6. End by taking a deep breath and by thanking the universe for the healing
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