Healing with Super Greens


Healing With Super Greens

Healing is multifaceted. Many people in the alternative healing movement believe that diet should be the first step in a healing program. The first and least complicated method is probably to use super concentrated healing foods. Juices made from green grasses pack a powerful nutritional punch.

When a person is looking to improve their diet the question comes up whether to use a concentrated vegetable juice powder. While fresh juicing is probably the optimum way to go it is not always the most convenient or nutritionally advantageous.

Green grasses are a storehouse of powerful nutrients. The best way to grow them is in nutrient rich soil. Much of the wheat grass sold in juice bars have been sprouted, while it contains many nutrients it does not have the range of nutrients as grass does that is grown in a good soil. Most people do not have access to green grasses grown in this way. The next best thing would be to add a correctly processed green juice powder.

When wheat grass is sprouted it is done in trays so there is little room for a root development. The grass is grown in 8 to 10 days under warm conditions. This causes the plant to have very high levels of simple sugars. If you contrast this to grass that is grown outdoors it develops deep roots and draws nutrients from deep within the soil. These plants have a 60 to 200 day growth cycle and can manufacture many vitamins and minerals in that time. "Such exposure and slow growth in the cool fall and early spring turns the grass into a solar collector, storing high concentrations of energy in its leaves. This provides a full spectrum of chlorophyll, trace minerals and micronutrients." (Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine. Steve Meyerowitz) The type of grass that is grown is really not as important as how it is grown.

Make sure the grasses are grown organically and harvested at their nutritional peak. The juices must be cooled and condensed to a nutritious powder at a low temperature. This is the closest you can get to a fresh grass drink.

"For 50 years, the beneficial effects of adding cereal grasses to the rations of test animals could not be duplicated by adding any or all of the known isolated chemical components of those foods. The results of many studies which demonstrate the value of green vegetables in the prevention human diseases cannot be explained in terms of the individual nutrients they are known to contain." Ronald Siebold, author.

There is a powerful synergistic action which takes place in the human body when one drinks these powerful juices. Taking nutrients into your body in a living form produces an effect on your health that is amazing. These powders are easily assimilated at a cellular level. So use these when looking for the benefits of fresh juices.

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