Healing with Meditation


Healing with Meditation


Meditation is one powerful way to promote self-healing. Meditation is not particularly anything mystical. Meditation is methodically stilling the voices in your head for a few minutes every day. Meditation can bring about a healing spirit. Many of you have been doing this everyday and called it prayer. Meditation can be passive or an active tool. If practiced regularly meditation can become a healing art. It can be use for great healing power or just relaxation.

Meditation can be silently counting to yourself as you rhythmically inhale and exhale. It can be finding a mantra, a meaningful phrase with you repeat over and over, or maybe staring into a flame. Meditation can also mean prayer, a walk in the wood's, or a long thoughtful run. The important part is the stillness you create and the regularity in which you do it.

The more you meditate the more life will become increasingly quiet. Everyday anxieties will be replaced by great reservoir calm. In that calmness you will be able to tap into your most creative juices. The more you delve into that calm center the greater this resource will become. Ultimately you will find that many of your everyday tasks will put you in touch with your spiritual connection almost every time. Everything you do can bring you closer to your higher spiritual purpose. You can indeed heed your true calling if you regularly practice meditation.

If you make room in your life for stillness and spirit you will be amazed at how good it feels. Once you get in touch with his spiritual energy invited into your life everyday. It will fill your life with incredible equanimity and joy. The more you taste event the more you will practice meditation. You simply will not be able to resist.

Whether or not you believe God medication helps you find the lost piece of yourself. We begin to honor ourselves. Once honored that self will not sit silently by. Regularly scheduling meditation should not be seen as having discipline but rather as giving your soul a little place to fool around.

Try recording this and playing it back. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy.

Here is a sample Meditation

Start by sitting in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes. Start breathing deeply. Notice your breath. Notice your thoughts. Let them drift by. Breathe. Relax your chest and arms. Let attention drip from your fingertips. Relax your hips. Relax your leg, and knees, your feet and toes. Let yourself sink completely into your seat. Let go completely.

Feel any tension leave completely now. Feel it poor out of your body onto the floor. Feel yourself fall deeper and deeper. Breathe.

Imagine yourself in the beautiful natural place, a beach, the banks of the river, any place special and serene. Notice what is around you. Take in all the detail. Smell the smells and feel the breeze on your skin.

In the distance see a house and walk towards it. This house is where you do the work of your dreams. There is a path to the door and you take it. When you reach the door, you open it and stepped inside. Notice all the details inside the house. There is door at the end of the hall. Open it and step inside. This is the study where you will do all the work of your dreams.

Allow yourself to feel the divine assistance in your dream. Know that you are not alone in this process. Know that you can go back to this place at any time for guidance, inspiration, or to simply create. This is the place where you do your work of your dreams and it exists only for you.

Stay as long as you like. Feel free to create. Heal yourself. Thank anyone present in the room with you. Thank your dreams for their presence in your life. Find your way back towards where you began. When you are ready open your eyes.

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