Natural Diuretics


Natural Diuretics


Please investigate all the natural healing and alternative methods, especially including healing foods. Self-healing is possible in fact it is very likely if you apply the different methods that we suggest here. Healing is a multifaceted process. It can be overwhelming when you began. Try one thing at a time and work it. Don't try to do too much at once.

Many people have a water retention problem. Women especially suffer from this when they have their monthly period. Instead of turning to over the counter medications why not turn to the healing power of foods and herbs. The natural healing properties of these foods can help in treating sciatica, blood pressure, lymphatic swelling, PMS, kidney and liver disorders.

Foods can cause if you to retain water. Such things as excess amounts of salt and sugar can make you retain water and inadequate amounts of protein. Many foods can act as a diuretic and will aid in the production of urine. This will help you remove fluids from your body. Remember to always use moderation and caution when using a diuretic.

Apple cider vinegar -- is a natural diuretic and helps maintain potassium levels.

Artichoke -- natural diuretic

Asparagus -- contains asparagines, a chemical alkaloid which helps flush the kidneys.

Beets -- attacks floating body fat and fatty deposits.

Brussels sprouts -- cleanse the cell and stimulate thought kidneys and pancreas.

Cabbage -- breaks up fatty deposits.

Carrots -- speeds up metabolic rate and helps remove fat and waste from the body.

Cranberry juice -- aids in the removal of excess fluid from the body.

Cucumber -- stimulate the kidney and aid in the removal of uric acid.

Dandelion And Dandelion Leaf -- natural diuretic, and leaf key aides in the detoxification of the urinary tract.

Green tea -- natural diuretic and has been used for centuries in China.

Fennel -- has a calmative and diuretic property.

Horseradish -- speeds up the metabolism and helps eliminate fluid.

Lettuce -- aids in metabolism and flushing of toxins from the system.

Nettle -- has natural diuretic properties.

Oats -- contains silica in natural diuretic.

Tomatoes -- are rich in vitamin C that aids metabolism in the release of water from the kidneys.

Watermelon -- natural diuretic helps increased urination.

Healing Food
Parsley As A Natural Diuretic