Parsley As A Natural Diuretic


Parsley As A Natural Diuretic


Parsley is probably the best-known yet most underused herb in our culinary repertoire. Parsley is a powerful natural diuretic. It is packed with Vitamins A and C. It contains more beta-carotene than a large carrot. You would have to eat 2 oranges to get as much vitamin C as in a cup of minced parsley. The same serving has more calcium than a cup of milk and 20 times as much iron as a serving of liver. It is loaded with minerals such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. If you want a natural breath refresher you can't beat the chlorophyll in Parsley.

It helps with muscle spasms and aids in good digestion as well as preventing gas. It flushes out the kidneys and soothes the liver. If you have a problem with spastic bladder, which many women do, parsley will help alleviate that problem.

Parsley is a powerful natural diuretic. Parsley can be used as a tea, or when made as a pesto, can flush the kidneys by stimulating urination. If you're kidneys is sluggish drink Parsley tea. It can also pump up the nutritional value of vegetable juices. Parsley can also be used as a mild laxative. It will also help reduce the cramping pain associated with diarrhea.

Parsley helps move excess mucous from the body. It can help expel parasites. It has been historically used with menstrual flow problems, and cramping. It should not be used in excess with pregnant women as it has been shown to stimulate uterine contractions.

As a digestive aid Parsley tea cannot be beat. It has been known to lessen asthma attacks and relieve the congestion of colds. Because of its high iron content it is good for the treatment of anemia. It reduces inflammation systemically within the body. Parsley stimulates good circulation.

Parsley has a host of uses externally as well. If you're having a problem with head lice, which is common in the wintertime with our children, use oil of parsley massaged into the scalp. The histamine inhibitors in Parsley makes it a great herb to use to ease the swelling and itching of bug bites. Take Parsley and grind it into a paste mix it with a little water and apply as a Poultice on anything that itches. Fresh leaves on minor cuts or scrapes can soothe them. If your eyes are sore and swollen, or maybe you have had too much sun apply a cloth which has been dipped in cold parsley tea to them for 20 minutes. This will reduce eye fatigue.

Parsley seed (Parsley seed essential oil can be found at mountainroseherbs in the link below) can be used for fend vascular disease. Dr. James Duke author of the Green pharmacy states that consuming large quantities of vegetables in the carrot family, which Parsley is one, will help prevent many diseases such as vascular and cancer. These plants contain over 15 compounds that act similar to calcium channel blockers. These compounds always tend to be concentrated in the seed of the plant. This herb is a good source of phthalides, coumarins, terpenoids, polyacetylenes, and other phytochemicals. These chemicals have been shown to be useful in the prevention of cancer.

Green vegetables are great way to enjoy the benefits of a natural diuretic. If you are unable to eat the recommended seven to nine green vegetables a day we recommend using a super green powder daily as the great supplement for your health. Check out the link below.

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